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Social Media Marketing / Management

A solid, strategic Social Media Marketing plan is essential when it comes to brand awareness. Central515 makes it a priority to stay up to date on all Social Media platforms since we know that rules of engagement, privacy, and the ad platforms change regularly. Central515 will manage and/or train your team to manage your social platforms. We have created an organized process of creating content calendars, creating and producing ads, increasing brand awareness and followers for our clients.

Public Relations

Central515 is made up of "people, people!" To run a successful PR campaign it helps if you are authentic and proficient in relationship building. From writing a press release or media alert to creating a one-of-a-kind, dynamic press kit, we do it all! We work on increasing your credibility within your given industry and increasing your overall reputation.

Business Development

Many times a business owner needs straight business consulting. Central515 has worked with business owners that need direction, guidance and organization to take their business to the next level. We can work with the owners ongoing or as a short term project. Central515 has also worked with businesses that are launching a new store or a new product. We step in to manage PR, Events and a solid Campaign Strategy. We can handle as little or as much as is needed to meet the goal

Content Marketing

Content marketing is often part of our Inbound Marketing strategy. This is content that YOU own! Central515 enjoys writing blog posts, newsletters, ad copy and more for our clients. It's your words, well written. In the business world, content is king so we make it a priority to get it right and make it work for your brand every time.

Event Planning

As a creative firm, Event Planning is one of our favorite projects to handle for our clients. We don't just plan the event, we set goals and execute with those goals in mind. Whether it's a blood drive (where we doubled our goal,) or a grand opening event where brand awareness is the focus, we are a one-stop-shop for event planning and we LOVE It!

Strategic Partnerships

At Central515 Strategic Partnerships are key to leveraging your community and connections. As relationship builders, we know who would make good partners and why. This is a process that takes time and know-how. Our clients always appreciate the partnerships we help them create and in most cases it level's up their business as well as their partners.

Reputation Management

Your reputation is everything! Who's managing it? With technology advancements, people can be talking about your brand (hopefully good.) on many platforms at one time. How do you keep track and make sure that your brand reputation isn't in jeopardy? Central515 has designed a step-by-step guide on Reputation Management. We can work with you and handle this area of your business or you can purchase our guide and DIY! Either way, caring for your company's reputation should be a top priority.

JOLT Session

It only takes a spark, to start a fire! Sometimes in business, all you need is a good JOLT! Whether you are just beginning, need some momentum, or are ready to take your business to the next level.

Central515 offers a 2 hour, intensive, one-on-one, JOLT Session for $175. You're guaranteed to walk away with ideas, inspiration, and how-to's necessary to electrify your business. All in a couple of hours for an amazing price!

  • Amy Armbruster
    I recently had the absolutely pleasure of having a consultation With Mrs. Eichberger regarding my new at home business Sunningdale Goods. I recently left my full time corporate job to pursue my business full time and was struggling quite a bit with my work/life balance as I’ve never worked from home before. Time management and staying focused and on task were becoming a huge struggle for me. After one consultation with Mrs. Eichberger she gave me honest and extremely valuable advice which has helped tremendously!! I am so thankful for her patience and understanding, her listening skills and calm demeanor were a godsend. I am now organized, on task, and my business is thriving!! I HIGHLY recommend her services she’s amazing in every way!!
    Amy Armbruster
    Owner, Sunningdale Goods
  • When my husband and I decided to purchase the jewelry store that we were working for, we quickly realized that we needed a Marketing Director who could not only put our name on the map, but also take a lot off of our plates AND guide us. That's when a dear friend of mine recommended Sherry! Sherry is efficient, proficient, spot on and she works hard! She keeps in constant communication and makes it easy to ask questions and switch gears. Sherry shines like a diamond and is a true asset to any team. I highly recommend her!!
    Deborah DeShazo
    Owner of Shannon Jewelers
  • I met Sherry through an associate whom I asked for help to find a social media / business consultant. I needed help organizing my presence on Pinterest, Facebook and with my Company Newsletter. Sherry got right down to it and helped me with everything. We also became so friendly along the way. It's nice to work with someone you really vibe with, who has compassion for your business and for you as a hardworking entrepreneur. I believe a business consultant should be professional but also operate with a big heart since building a business is a labor of love. My contract was to work with Sherry for 3-months but we have since far exceeded that and I continue to have her on my team. So proud of the work we've done together and what she's pushed me to do for my business! I recommend her to anyone who needs this kind of business support.
    Bianca Jade
    Content creator, Social Media Influencer and Collaborator, Founder of and Digital and TV Host

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