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What They're Saying About Us.

  • Sherry is one of the few people I know who delivers strategic approaches with all her digital campaigns. She really understands the big picture and can build the roadmap to get there. With her background in business, events and public relations she brings a perspective that is unique and extremely strategic.
    Fritz Colinet
    Owner and Brand Strategist, Retna Media
  • I have been working with Sherry for the past two years and it has been such a pleasure to team up with her for everything from rebranding to promoting my book events, speaking career, new website launching, social media promotion, and supporting my new coaching career. She is a skilled professional who brings her whole self to the project every single day! I love her passion, her high energy, and her dedication to my goals and visions as I reinvent and redefine my career track. Sherry has been my encourager during the challenging times, as well as, my biggest cheerleader when it is time to celebrate the victories! I cannot imagine being on this journey without her support, expertise, and most importantly, her trusted friendship!
    Deborah Olson
    Women's Emotional Health Specialist, Award winning Author and Speaker
  • Sherry has done wonders for our online social image. She has doubled our following and we have seen an increase in engagement with those followers. She provides great ideas and a plan to implement them. It's nice to truly take something off my plate. I would recommend her to guide you through the Social Media maze.
    Kicker Cardenas
    Owner and Principal Agent at Kicker Insures Me Agency



Many times as a business owner you just need a little help and guidance. Hiring a Creative Business Consultant is a smart move, that can often save you money in the long term and fill in the gaps that are holding you back. Central515 fits into YOUR world and YOUR budget. We can help a little or a lot depending on your needs.

Central515 will help you move from where you are to where you want to be. We're committed to helping you increase bottom line profits through a proven process that promotes the best in you and your business.

About Sherry

What Central515 owner, Sherry Eichberger offers all of her clients is something very special. She is a creative marketer who has been a business owner. That is a rare combination which is why everything Sherry does for her clients is with a business owners heart and mind. She truly cares about your success, your budget, your growth, your employees and most of all you, the client.

Sherry is creator of the very successful "JOLT Session" which is a 2 hour intensive marketing session held one-on-one with the client to move the needle in their business towards their goals. She's completed close to 100 JOLT sessions and many of her JOLT clients become longterm clients and partners.